29 Dec 1925 – Should a Wife Deny a Husband Children?

The question of a wife’s right to deny her husband children is raised again, in an article in Liberty this week.  The recent pending divorce of Rudolph Valentino and his liberal wife as the basis for this discussion. This question is as old as the human race.  It has caused more arguments and marital discord. Nations have been split by it and kingdoms almost rent in twain.  Thrones have tottered and churches trembled in the balance.  What do readers thing of it DOES A WIFE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DENY CHILDREN TO HER HUSBAND? The times will pay rewards of $3, $5, $7 for the best three letters on the subject.

Of this great question, Valentino in Liberty, “If Mrs. Valentino is through with me, I am through her and this marriage-until I can have children and give them the kind of care and love, I had as a boy”.

Then the wife known as Natacha Rambova is quoted “We were married four years ago, and it was an intense romantic love afair.  Gradually we found out it was a mistakem and we separated a matrimonial vacation the newspapers called it.  You cna’t blame us because we thought our marriage would be perfect.  Young people havent much sense about love and no provision.   Anway, we weren’t married with the cold-blooded idea in a few years we would get a divorce, amuse ourselves again with another marriage.  I believe in divorce. Where two people are injuring each other by bad feeling they ought to be separated.”

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