3 Jan 1926 – More Opinions Should a Wife Deny a Husband Children?

I am a man who firmly believes the wife does not have the right. Taking into consideration the wife is healthy, no home ought to be without children.  It is a mans fondest dream to have little ones clustering around him and he gets married with that thought in mind.  Rudolph Valentino is going through the same thing with a wife who has a liberal attitude and is denying her husband a right. Why did they get married in the first place? Did she promise one thing and when things did not go her way instead of being a woman and trying to keep the marriage she is selfish and leaves. However, I am not an advocate of large families.  Three to four children are too much and keep the mother busy with attending their wants and needs which will take priority over the husband and then the husband feeling neglected will seek comfort elsewhere.  Moreover, no woman that marries wishes to be childless. A woman to the other effect is not worthy of the name. When a man marries he tries to make his wife comfortable as his means allow.  In return, she is expected to keep her home and children neat and clean.   The woman was created for man and through her mankind has flourished. The laws of the universe have given power to woman, no one has taken it from and it stands to reason she still holds the place as “Mother of Men”. Besides the blessing of the home, a little child is the greatest link of the human heart and passions.  It ties the heart strings of the mother and father in its tiny hands and coos the blessings of a great love upon them.  The early years of care are more than repaid when the child has grown. No wife has the right to deny her husband children and no wife will deny them to her mate for it is her greatest and dearest wish to be deserving of the mother.

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