1923 – Thomas Meighan Recipe


Thomas Meighan was a silent film actor, patriotic Irishman, and a extraordinary cook loved sharing recipes with others as well as enjoying home cooked meals versus dining out like other movie stars of the day did.  In March 1923, Douglas Gerrard, in need of help bailing his friend and fellow actor Rudolph Valentino out of jail for bigamy, called up a fellow Irishman named Dan O’Brien who happened to be with Meighan at the time. Meighan barely knew Valentino, but put up a large chunk of the bail money with the help of June Mathis and George Melford, Rudolph Valentino was eventually freed on bail. Valentino never forgot the kind gesture of those who came to his defense when no one else would help in his time of need.  They remained friends for the rest of Valentino’s life.


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