22 Apr 1982 – Valentino Shirt Sells in London for $673.00

A cream-colored silk shirt worn by screen idol Rudolph Valentino in his last movie, “Son of the Sheik,” was sold for $673 at Christie’s auction house in London on Tuesday. The trimmed shirt was among the memorabilia in a sale of clothing and relics belonging to stars of stage and screen. The shirt was bought by Ray Jackson, manager of a British magician known as “Zee” who intends to use it in his act. “He is doing a Valentino number and particularly wanted the shirt. He told me to pay up to 5,000 pounds ($8,850) so I didn’t do too badly,” Jackson told reporters. A Valentino ribbed silk sash also worn in “Son of the Sheik” was sold to an unidentified Englishwoman for $974 The film was made in 1926, the year of the actor’s death at age 31.  The woman also purchased a black velvet casket belonging to Valentino and five letters written by the cult figure to Maria Elliot, British founder of the Rudolph Valentino Association. The 65 lots, originally owned by Miss Elliot, were bequeathed after her death to an Italian countess who in turn left them to the seller, an unidentified Englishman.

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