25 May 1922 – Valentino Bride Tenders UA Studio Resignation?

Reports in circulation here today that Winifred Hudnut, bride of Rudolph Valentino had sent in her permanent resignation as art director for Nazimova were denied here today by the United Studios. “Wo have received no official word from Miss Rambova since she lofts here,” it was declared. “It is possible the resignation may have been sent to Mme. Nazimova, who is away, but we have heard nothing about. Mme. Nazimova will not return until June 1. and there is no way for ns to check up on the rumor.”, Miss Hudnut, under the name of Natcha Rambova, was employed as art director by Mine. Nazimova at the United Studios up to the time of her separation from Valentino, now under a charge of bigamy. Miss Hudnut took her vacation at the time of the wedding and has made no formal communication [since. Her leave of absence has ‘not yet expired, it was. stated. Preparations to bring to a final the California statute prohibiting marriage within a year from the granting of interlocutory decrees of divorce were being made by counsel for Rudolph Valentino today. The ultimate decision is expecting-to be brought to the ‘supreme court in an effort to defend the marriage of Valentino in Mexicali and similar marriages of at least twenty other picture stars and persons said to be under investigation. The strongest efforts will be made to quash the case against Valentino in’ the justice court, was learned today, but both state and defense are preparing for a long series of appeals.  The attorney in charge of Valentino’s defense dared that hundreds of marriages in the State of California believed themselves to be united will depend on the outcome of this court.  The district attorney’s office continued its efforts to piece meal its case against Valentino will be arraigned before Justice Vincent Bowser.

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