Amonsgt the furor raised throughout southern California and the whole country by the marriage of Rudolph Valentino, dashing film»star, to Winifred Hudnut in Mexicali last Saturday, comes a new angle and once causing considerable comment —will Valentino establish a motion picture company in Mexico City’? It came to light yesterday that this was one of the main topic of conversation between Valentino and Mexican officials at the wedding dinner served at the home of Mayor Otto Moller in Mexicali. Today it is understood that speculation is rife among Mexican officials regarding a remark alleged to have been made by Valentino at the dinner to the effect that “there was nothing to hinder him from taking such a step.” Also, the rumor that Richard Hudnut, father of Winifred Hudnut Valentino, the bride, is on his way to Los Angeles seems to bear a special significance in the eyes of those familiar with the details in so much it might mean the first step toward capitalizing such a film company in Mexico.  It is understood Valentino was acquainted with the natural scenic beauties of Mexico while here and with the great possibilities of natural facilities for outdoor settings and given some intimation that the Mexican government would welcome him with open arms and give him co-operation in every way toward establishing an industry that would mean much to Mexico. It is thought that if the company is formed Valentino will costar with his bride in motion pictures made especially for Mexico, protraying Mexican Spanish life and thus blazing a trail for an industry so far undeveloped to any extent in that country.

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