Robert Mac Cameron, Early Twenty Century Portrait Painter


Born on 14 January 1866, Robert Mac Cameron, was the son of Thomas McConnell who was a newspaper publisher and a elected official in Winneconne, Wisconsin. Also, his grandmother was a first cousin to Robert E. Lee.   A noted artist he changed his name in order to make his own name and way.  In early twenty century, most painters of the day, would move to New York, London or Paris to find inspiration and fame in their art.  Mac Cameron had studios in all three locations. In 1908, he received a medal for his work titled “A Group of Friends” and won prizes for his exhibition for “Waiting for the Doctor”.  However, it was his greatest fame as a portrait painter whose work today hangs in famous art museums all around the world.  In 1912, Mac Cameron painted society beauty Winifred de Wolfe whose painting was considered the embodiment of a certain type of fragile girlish charm and the portrait won accolades.

19122.PNGAlso, he was a great friend of Robert Winthrop Chanler, whose grandmother was Mrs. William Astor. On 29 Dec 1912, he died in New York City of heart disease surrounded by his wife and children.  At the time of his death, it was reported his estate retained the painting. However, I recently discoved the above painting by Robert Lee MacCameron was gifted to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts by her mother.  The painting hung in the museum for years until a recent renovation and its currently in storage.


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