5 Sep 1926- Actress Friend of Rudolph Valentino committs Suicide

Peggy Scott, 27 a film actress, a former friend of the Late Rudolph Valentino committed suicide by taking poison at a West Village Flat. She rushed to a friend in an adjourning building crying out “Don’t leave me, I’m dying” and collapsed and died. It is stated that she had minor roles in films, and met Valentino three years ago at Blaritz. Her room contained autograph photographs of Valentino, while she invariably carried one in her handbag. She was out of work, and used to seek out every film where her hero was appearing. She frequently danced with him during his recent visits to London and also corresponded with him in America. She left letters in one of which she wrote “When I read of his death, something seemed to say in my hear, There is nothing left to live for.”
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