17 Sep 1923 – Oh Horrors Girls Rodolfo is Baldo

Rodolfo Valentino, the Shiek of Shieks, arrived in Paris last week accompanied by his red-lipped wife Winifred Hudnut. He had a rousing reception from a large crowd and posed for almost an hour for photographs for French newspapers and photograph service, but one thing the Parisians found out that Americans have failed to notice. Rodolfo is bald. According to a dispatch carried in the Los Angeles Times there is no doubt about it. He is bald. Between the shining and lacquered flairs over his Apollo-like head gleams the unmistakable whiteness of Valentino’s skull. Three years hence those black hairs will not even l)e able to conceal the gaping spaces, so girls resign yourselves to the truth. Both the Valentinos unanimously and voiciferously declared to reporters that they are going to have their own company when they get back to America. Rodolfo will act and Winifred intends to design his costumes. His contract with Lasky is up in January, and by that time he will have his own company duly organized and under way. Rodolfo made quite a hit on the boulevards. He kissed the hands of all the European ladies present, and Winifred, smiling with her startling red lips from her dead white face, allowed her hands to be kissed in faultless Parisian manner. They made deep impressions on crowds of Parisian celebretieh, who considered them .sharply different from the previous visitors from Hollywood who did not know how to eat, or talk, or bow or smile. Rudy and his wife have the grand manner, as if they were brought up in the world of cosmopolitan society.

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