Nov 1925 – Valentino Seeks Citizenship here

Rudolph Guglielmi better known as silent movie star Rudolph Valentino called at the Federal Building, New York yesterday and took out his first citizenship papers.  William J. Burns, formerly with U.S. Secret Service, came along as his sponsor.  Mr. Valentino wore a mixed cray suit, a gray cravat, a gray hat with tan leather shoes.  To clerk Frank O’Grady, who put the usual questions to him, he said he said he was a motion picture player, five feet eleven inches tall and weighted 164 pounds. He further said, he was born in Castellaneta, Italy on 6 May 1895.  He lives at 270 Park Avenue, and came to this country from Genoa, Italy, his wife’s name is Winifred, born in Salt Lake City, Utah and now lives at 96th Street, New York City.  A statement sent out last night by the publicity agent of the United Artists Corporation, says that as the first step in his application for citizenship. Mr. Valentino presented an honorary discharge by the Italian government from all military duties past and present.  This action was taken, it was explained, because of a rumor current during the World War in Mr. Valentino’s home neighbourhood in Italy that he failed to enlist.  It is further explained Mr. Valentino’s failure to take part in the war was due to a slight defect in his left eye.  For this his offer of military services was refused.  This defect, it was stated, does not interfere with his motion picture work.  A year after his rejection by the Italian authorities, the statement says, Mr. Valentino tried to get into the British Aid Service, but Major Manchester of the British Recruiting Service rejected him presumably for the same reason as that which led to the refusal of his services for Italy.  Mr. Valentino again sought military service under the draft rules of the U.S. and when he was turned away, he made another unsuccessful effort to enter the Italian military service through the aid of the Italian Consul General.  After the war, Mr. Valentino heard from a brother whom he met in France that he was slated as a slacker in Taranto, Italy. This was found to be true, but it was discovered to be an error which was later corrected.  The statement says that Mr. Valentino delayed his application to become a citizen of this country until his record was cleared of all stain.  Mrs. Rudolph Valentino returned from Europe yesterday on the Leviathan under her professional name of Natacha Rambova, accompanied by her mother Mrs. Richard Hudnut and said she intended to start work on a picture play in New York immediately.  When it was pointed out to her that her husband stated to newspapers he wished her to leave the film business and make a home for him, the screen star smiled and said “ I will let him do the talking. I do not care to discuss my private affairs with the public”.  She further added it was her intention to keep in business as she had done before er marriage and that the next move would be up to her husband.

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