22 Dec 1918 – Griffith Openings

Los Angeles is making its theatrical traditions.  At last, it has an institution in connection with the entertainment world.  Griffith openings have been accepted as an event, one of the picturesque features of our amusement world, which is good to have and which the public delights to cling to.  Older cities of course have many historic incidents in their theatrical life that lend a charm which makes them individual.  Never are they planned, never the result of long scheming. Something just happens; the public enjoys it; again it happens a few times more, and then it becomes an institution.  People adopt with enthusiasm and its is the material of which legends are woven for the next generation. It is fitting that David Wark Griffith should be the personalityh about which has risen in Los Angeles, for none has been more dominant and active than he in the artistic life of this city.  The opening of “The Greatest Thing In Life” last Monday established Griffith openings as events that have won the public’s favor. The public has come to dramatize them, presenting its own drama, while attending another.  For this performance Mr. Griffith had no only a wonderful motion picture of superb merit, but he showed for the first time his new improvement in photography, which inspired the most extravagant comparisions. As though that were not enough, he presented a prologue with a cast of 50 players, a symbolic offering, novel and beautiful. That it might be entirely surprising, he imported a number of celebrated artists including the dancer, Rodolfo di Valentina, who was court dancer in Rome, London, Madrid.  Recently he has been in New York and Mr. Griffith brought him here in a stellar capacity.

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