23 Dec 1924 – Natacha sends June on her way

Hollywood tongues have been wagging over the newest sensation of studio circles.  What will be the result of the ruption between Mrs. Valentino and June Mathis? For the time being “Rudy” has bowed to his imperious wife and let his ablest friend and sponsor go her way. It was Miss Mathis who started Valentino on the road to opulence and fame. She picked him for the lead for “The Four Horsemen” she saw an opportunity and it paid off in a big way.  Mrs. Valentino who wrote “The Scarlet Power” saw what changes Miss Mathis had made in it, the grand smashup came. So “Cobra” was substituted and all the grand vestments and shining armour for the Rambova story were packed away.  Cost of the switch runs into the hundres of thousands, but the wife, who in other matters also laid down the law, is triumphant.  No one concerned will talk, but Valentino retains his admiration for Miss Mathis. But only from a safe distance.

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