25 Dec 1923 – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I have been reflecting on today with families coming together appreciating , family, hearth, and love for fellow man. This time of year, when people count their blessings and celebrate the birth of Jesus. I cannot but help and wonder about a certain silent film star who achieved the American dream of fame, fortune, friends. A man who touches others’ lives through a movie screen presence and yet does not appreciate the good things that came his way.  Rudolph Valentino is a man whose reality does not match up to the persona. Did the year, really give Mr. Valentino the desires of his heart? In 1922, he achieved success with his movie “Blood and Sand” making more money than the year before. There is the new wife who seemed to have his best interests at heart. But biting the hand that literally feeds you and listening to bad advice did not do him any good.  This year, he cleverly found a way to make money, and it did not endear him with his fans with his antics when him and his wife travelled from city to city.  These are hard-working people who paid dearly to see their movie idol perform and yet all I read about was his complaining.  Mr. Valentino in the spirit of this special day, I ask that you reflect on your actions and realize your no more different than the next person.  The day where fame found you can leave and what will you have to show? Just a name in the newspapers from a bygone age.  May you read this in the spirit in which is intended that I wish you good tidings and hope that the next year is a better one.


Rev James Tolerville, Canterville, Ohio

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