Feb 1922 – On the Camera Coast

There were more world potenates at the opening of Marcus Lowe’s new movie theater in Los Angeles than there were at the disarmament conference in Washington. Some people may have heard of Marshal Foch but they would break their necks to see him the way they did to behold Gloria Swanson in person.  The interior of the theater is by far the most beautiful piece of architecture in Los Angeles. It is of Spanish renaissance, the chief decorator being the users who wear mantillas and high combs. I thought them more beautiful than the movie stars, but of course everyone to his own taste. Fred Niblo was master of ceremonies and he may not be so famous as Foch but I’ll say he is just as brave.  Rudolph Valentino did not show because he is refusing to make personal appearances. Gloria Swanson made a bow from her orchestra seat and the spotlight fell on Constance Talmadge who arose and smiled about a thousand dollars worth.  Movie players Betty Compson, Anita Sterwart, Viola Dane, Alice Lake, Tom Mix, Harold Lloyd, Wesley Barry, Jackie Coogan, Doris May, May McAvoy, Bustor Keaton when introduced all took their respective bows.  The show was late in starting and the night was magical and no one disappointed except the one who refused to show up in support.

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