18 Feb 1919 – Here’s a Lesson for All Budding Scenario Writers

June Mathis, who heads the screen writing staff at the new Metro Studios, Hollywood, recently rejected a manuscript submitted to her by a budding Pennsylvania writer. She accompanied the returned motion picture story with the following note: “Your plot would be splendid If it weren’t for prohibition. Your villain is drunk every time he attempts any of his dirty work. I cannot imagine any man robbing a bank under the influence or wrecking a train while intoxicated by near beer, or abducting the ingenue as a result of looking on the grape juice while it was purple. “The jag, on the screen and off, is very much out of the fashion these days. Try to motivate your stories with something that has a real kick, but contains no alcohol. “P. S. —I might also add that Percy is not a good name for your hero. He fights with his bare hands; usually when they’re named Percy they don’t soil ’em that way.”

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