15 Mar 1925 – Valentino/Williams Split Report Described a “Nothing Startling”

Unconfirmed reports emanating from Los Angeles that Rudolph Valentino and J.D. Williams had split, that Valentino would probably join United Artists and that the staff preparing the next picture had been dismissed were referred to Ritz Carlton Pictures by Moving Picture World Magazine just before this issue went to press.  In the absence of Williams and his publicity director Bill Yearsley, both of whom are on the cost the President’s secretary made known the following telegrams received 4 March from Yearsley.  It follows:

“Nothing startling has happened herre. We have simply closed down between pictures in order to complete preparation for the “Hooded Falcon” which is to be a big expensive picture”.

Charles Moyer, publicity director for United Artis said that the New York office knew nothing at this time about said report.

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