30 Apr 1926 – Storm Destroys Valentino Camp in Sandhills

Cloudburst and tornado struck the Valentino desert movie camp about eight o’clock Wednesday and completely wrecked it. James Townsend, production manager, was struck on the head by a flying timber and believed to be seriously injuried. He was brought to Yuma late last night, as were 25 workers who were breaking camp following the departure of Rudolph Valentino, Bull Montana, and 125 others for Los Angeles on Tuesday. A big water tank was blown a mile down the valley by the and 20-foot lengths of iron pipe were blown about like straws. Every tent and building was razed except the big dining tent, and the workers lost all personal efexcept what they had on their ‘ ick. From six inches to a foot of •toater ran where water is seldom seen, and the strength of a dozen men was required to keep from blowing away a large automobile with all brakes set. The storm was described by oldtimers as something unequalled within the memory of man in that district. The roads between Yuma and the dunes were flooded for the third time this soring and made well-nigh impassable.

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