11 May 1922 – Special Studio Announcement

The movie studios decided the fans should be told that Rudolph Valentino was soon to marry Natacha Rambova.  To the public at large Miss Rambova was revealed as Winifred Hudnut stepdaughter of Richard Hudnut millionaire cosmetics manufacturer.  The dashing Valentino and the beautiful aloof and suddenly rich Rambova seemed like a prince and princess in a fairy story.  Every effort was made to sharpen this impression.  Valentino was suddenly endowed with a degree, Doctor of Agriculture. His deceased father was even elevated from village veterinary to head of an excellent old Italian family.  Reporters flocked to Paramount Studios and the mystery of Natacha Rambova had always intrigued them and the revelations that she was the authentic and beloved stepdaughter of a multimillionaire was real news. Not even Valentino had known who she really was; he had first learned of Natacha exalted background from the newspapers. Nevertheless, he was overjoyed and believed himself the most blessed of men. He was going to marry a beautiful and brilliant woman whom he admired and adored and since he was now earning more that $50,000 a year, he didn’t need her money.  However, it should be noted that Valentino should be careful on his spending habits since it’s a well-known fact he wants a family.

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