15 May 1922 – Scandal Happenings in Mexicali

SCANDAL ARISES IN VALENTINO marriage nuptials in Mexicali celebrated at local Cognisance is taken of the rumors and semi-allegations afloat this morning to the effect that Rudolph Valentino, famous film celebrity, has committed bigamy in marrying Winifred Hudnut, art director for Madame Nazimova, in Mexicali Saturday afternoon. So far as has been learned there has been no official action in this direction but opinion is rife that such will be the result. It is alleged that Valetino came to Mexico to marry because of a legal technicality in his divorce obtained last year which stipulated that ho could not marry within the state again within one year. “We are madly in love with each other and it just counld’t wait, said Valentino, to a large gathering of Mexicans around Mayor Otto Moller’s home in Mexicali Saturday afternoon, after he was called on to appear with his new bride. Valentino and Winifred Hudnut, a former dancer and now art director for Madame Nazimova, were quietly married at the home of Mayor Moller at 2:30 o’clock Saturday afternoon by Civil Judge T. Sandoval. Only four Americans were present at the cereOftony which was witnessed by four Mexican officials. The Americans were Dr. Florella Mansfield Wyatt of Palm Springs, Cal., Douglas Gerrard, former director for Valentino and now a director for Universal, and Mr. and Mrs. Billy Silver of Calexico. A queen play on two Mexican words kept the whole affaij as quiet as it was kept and saved the famous couple from having to dodge old shoes and rice from a vast throng of admirers. One of the words means hunting and the other, so similar that when pronounced can hardly be distinguished from “hunting”, that the general impression was noised around that Valentino was here for a three week’s hunting trip in the mountains. He was seen in Calexico early Saturday morning and many suspicions were aroused when it became known that his finance was in his party stopping at the Barbara Worth hotel in El Centro. The’ party was chaperoned by Dr. Wyatt. However, Valentino was content to let the rumor that he was here on a hunting trip continue its course. The Mexican band and string orchestra furnished the music at the wedding dinner served at the home of Mayor Moller. Many beautiful floral offerings were received by the newlyweds from Mexican officials and other people. Valentino and his bride slipped quietly away Saturday night for San Diego where they are today. It is understood that they may leave for New York to live at the home of his bride until the legal verbiage clears away

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