31 Aug 1924 – Valentino Return to Screen Romance

Fascinating Film Lover — New Picture Has Three Distinct Love Sequences. When it was finally decided that Rodolph Valentino was to return to Paramount after a lone and universally regretted absence from the motion picture screen, it was with the utmost care that the executives of the company set themselves to the task of choosing a vehicle which would be in keeping with the importance of the event. Recalling the great Valentino successes, it seemed desirable that the picture should com bine, if possible, the love interest of The Sheik, the romantic coloring of Blood and Sand, and the spectacle of The Four Horseman. So Monsieur Beaucaire, Booth Tarkington’s story, with its romantic, colorful, and spectacular back ground of the Court of King Louis XV. of France, was chosen. Monsieur. Beaucaire is unquestionably one of the greatest romances ever written. Most of the action takes place at the Court of King Louis XV. of France, and in Bath, England, the
favorite resort of the English nobility at that time. The characters portrayed are almost all real ones, who had a hand in the making of history, such as Mms. Pompadour, the Due de Richelieu, Lord Chesterfield, Beau Nash and others. Briefly told, the story Is of the young and attractive Due de Chartres, Who, refusing to marry al most on sight the charming Princess de Bourbon-Conti, at the Royal command, incurs the disfavor of the King and Mme. Pompadour, the power behind the throne, and is forced to flee from the country. Reaching England he masquerades as a barber under the name of Monsieur Beaucaire, Falling in with an English nobleman of French descent, who knows neither who Beaucaire is, nor why he is in England,he gains access to the English Court, and meets and captivates the fascinating Lady Mary Carlisle, only to have her turn against him when she finds he is an impostor. A message from the French King, bidding him to return to France arid, be
forgiven, takes him back to the Princess whom he really loves. Thus Valentino is provided with an opportunity for three separate and distinct love sequences, and in them Rodolph is said to prove that he has not lost any of the ability to make love which has made him one of the most fascinating and compelling screen stars of to-day. ‘High powered’ is the term applied to these love scenes by the studio officials during the making of the picture.
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