1924 – Letter to Editor


Dear Editor,

Rumors vague and rumors that border on fact are current just now about the proposed celluloid “Romeo and Juliet”.  In the movie world of fans the burning question is not “Who will play Ben-Hur but who will play Romeo”?  Shakespears tragedy of youth and love not some scenario writers will be the motion picture and tha casting of it is of paramount importance.  Julie seems to rest with Norma Talmade or Mary Pickford with scales tipping in favor of Norma. Right now, the screen Juliet will inevitably be compared with Jane Cowl’s portrayl last season and she will have to reach the heights to stand the test.  But Romeo? Truly  may we ask wherefore art thou Rudolph Valentino? That is the final answer is myself who doesnt go over raptures over his name because Rudy is romance to the core.  Can you imagine Romeo with Gene O’Briens Irish grin? Therefore, Valentino with his Latin manner and easy grace is the logical choice. Rudy is the great love and the only other suitable candidtate for this role is Ivor Novelio. He like Rudy is to the manner born. but is he will enough known? there is a large matter of conflicting contracts in the way  of every fans dream of Talmadge-Valentino “Romeo and Juliet” but there is still hope. Perhaps some day in the not so distant future will see a dream come true.

Yours. Maude Baum, NYC

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