7 Mar 1922 – Sucess of Favorite Movie Stars

Fame has many fans. To be famous signifies the recognition of some sort of success achieved. And no surer fashion of determing the essential elements which make for higher popular acclaim can be found that which an individual exhibits in their handwriting. It is the intimatic link between the nerve-action of the hand and the mind. So when you regard the signatures of screen stars, you are looking squarely at the hgih or low lights switched on by the electrical currents of their personalities. The steady glow holds your attention. The power underneath you feel even if you do nnot know the cause.  For this reason, if for no other, there is a wide demand for the personally-written signatures of men and women prominent in this expression of the drama. Likewise, upon the signature every writer unconsciously places great stress in using certain strokes that declare the prominent traits. Handwriting is the natural private gesture of each person’s whole makeup, and you will see that it only requires the eye and mind working together to form a fair judgement. In the same healthy atmosphere travels R. Valentino, whose even well-poised first moves ambitiously upwards, gesturing with his rather flamboyant capitals, exclamatory of his intense vitality and the conscious belief in himself. Each carefully-connected stroke invites you to look into his active mind, beeming with an intense desire to make good. In each curve lurks a laugh. In the straight base-line, strengthened by the long underscoring sweep, be assured you frankly t hat he has a great deal of nerve and will never be satisfied until you meet him frequently.  That bold hook on the end of his “t” shows his grit, his clinching hold on every detail in order to produce in a versatile manner with artistic finesse. The way he gathers his letters together a clutch denotes his practical side. Once attempt to worst him by any ill treatment and his whole temperment will arise with an adequate come-back. It would surprise you, as he is tactful and pleasing in manner. by nature vitally strong, he is the type who will meet flame with flame and enter into the gaiety of living.  Yet, pressure being even, he understands the art of self-dominance. By this his advance along, the stellar way can be measured by the height of his signature. “Very High”!

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