1934 – Bebe Daniels vs Albert Holland

Actress Bebe Daniels on the witness stand during a trial for Albert F. Holland, who wrote 150 love letters to Daniels, Los Angeles, 1933
In 1931, Albert Holland a disabled war veteran started stalking Bebe Daniels. The first incident was when he broke into her hotel room in San Francisco. Albert believed Bebe was his wife and they were married in Mexico. Bebe had him arrested and he was put in custody on an insanity complaint for stalking and was jailed for two years.  In 1933, Albert fresh out of jail started back to stalking Bebe again. During the stalking course Albert wrote over 150 love letters to Daniels. In 1934, silent film actor Ben Lyon with his wife, silent film actress Bebe Daniels, appeared in court for a trial for 36-year-old war disabled veteran Albert F. Holland.  
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