2021 – Bloggy Award Winner All About Rudolph Valentino

It’s one of those days, and I am posting articles for years 2025-2030. Researching and writing for this blog has been a labor of love. The overall theme and content was something I imagined in a way where history comes alive in away to be believed. I was surprised to find my blog was a 2021 Bloggy Award Winner. There was no official announcement sent to me but still it’s an honorable mention which I do appreciate.

The Bloggy awards suggestion about “the number of posts on the homepage can be lessened so the reader doesn’t have to scroll down a lot”. The response is that has to do with the wordpress theme that was selected and that is not something within my control to change.

I’m always hoping this blog is recognized and treasured for the information contained by viewers and fans of Rudolph Valentino.

Again, thank you to the Bloggy Awards.

All About Rudolph Valentino (bloggyaward.com)

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