Mar 1923 – What do you think?

Oh, how you girls love Rudolph! Out of the hundred odd eulogies crowding on my desk, this is a representative specimen, “I believe I have founded where Rudolph Valentino’s fascination rests ‘tis his adorable smile.’  With one or two exceptions, all film actor’s molar displays are so obviously just that minute made to order grin and remind one of a death’s head contained with Uriah Heep. Rudy on the other hand, makes his spontaneous really, he might have been one of Murillo’s models, its so half-lazy, sleepy pathetic, humorous, tolerant, varmint street araby, with just a suspicion of spiciness. In truth, it’s a human smile. I’m not given to hero worship mind you, but I do think Rudolph has supplied a long felt want how, I don’t quite know.

From Hercules, London

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