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17 Mar 1949 – Valentino Shrine Plans for Former Home Fade

Maybe the Sheik’s omnipresence is fading. At any rate, plans for converting Falcon’s Lair, Rudolph Valentino’s home until his death in 1926, into a shrine for the lovelorn have apparently gone awry. In San Francisco, the head of a Bay City Group of five women who purchased the fabulous hilltop mansion several weeks ago admitted disillusionment over the project. Robert T. LeFevre was quoted as saying people drop into the place “but only because they gotten lost in the hills”. The only ones who have shown any interest in the shrine idea were several old ladies, three Italians and a British spiritualist. In addition to which, he went on, the idea of firing a nightly red, white and blue rocket skyward was quashed by the law. The red incidentally was to be for passion LeFevre added. Even the idea of a wishing well on the grounds for Valentino worshippers fizzled when it was found that pennies killed the goldfish.

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