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10 Mar 1980 – I worked with Rudolph Valentino

For a time in New York, I worked with Rudolph Guglielmi at the afternoon tea dances in Churchills Café. We’d sit at a table with a hostess until there would be a sign from a woman that she wanted a dance.  So, we would go over and dance and we received $2 for an afternoon.  George Raft said although I could dance those times were more demanding than when he became famous.  Rudolph Guglielmi had a carisma that cannot be denied.  He was a popular dancer and made the most ackward looking woman glide like a swan while dancing.

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21 Sep 1957 – George Raft on Rudolph Valentino

One of the few souvenirs, I have left is a huge photograph of a dark, sultry young man with sleek black hair and most people say, “Why thats Rudolph Valentino. Did you know him”? Yes, I knew him intimately. We were ballroom gigolos together. But that man in the photo is not Valentino. Its me made up and photographed to look like Valentino. When Rudy died so tragically, the promoters were knocking on my door an hour after the funeral saying. “Here’s your chance Georgie. Your a dead ringer for Rudy and you can step right into his shoes”. They dressed me in a Gaucho costume and they took pictures. One enterprising theater man offered me $1500 a week if I’d work up an act with Jean Acker, Valentino’s first wife. I said the hell with it. But I keep the photograph on my bedroom wall just to remind me that no man can step into another’s shoes on resemblance alone.

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