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8 Nov 1925 – With Producers & Players

RUDOLPH VALENTINO’S new offering, “The Eagle,” is the film feature at the Mark Strand this week. Mr. Valentino intends to be present at the opening performance at 2 o’clock today. Vilma Banky, Samuel Goldwyn’s discovery, who made her screen bow in George Fitzmaurice’s picture “The Dark Angel,” figures in the feminine lead figures in the femine lead. Louise Dresser, who gave a remarkable film performance in “The Goose Woman” portrays the role of the Czarina. The photoplay is based on “:Dubrovsky” a Russian novel by Alexander Pushkin. I was adapted by Hans Kraely who has written a good deal for Ernest Lubitsch. The picture is described as a romantic comedy drama, the action taking place in Russia before the revolution. Mr. Valentino appears in three different guises, first as a Cossack officer, the Eagle, and a French tutor

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