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28 Aug 1922 – Moran of the Lady Letty

It will be with great delight that the picture patrons will welcome the return of Rudolph Valentino. There no doubt he scored a wonderful tiiiocese in “The Sheik, and the triumph of that picture was merely illustrative of the personality of the star Valcntino is the featured player in “Moran of Lady Letty,” which commences at The Wondergraph today. The dramatic of this picture are intense, the acting of Dorothy Dalton is well worthy of commendation. One is the stanch windjammer overcome by the dread sea-fire, the looting of the doomed vessel, and the rescue of the unconscious girl by the shanghaied second mate. Exciting episodes are the battle between the crew of tile Lady Leity and the Mexican brigands, the subdoling of the untamed nature of Moran. The tremendous fight between the dandy and the villainous captain a fight in which the vtuecr of oivilUatiou id stripped I awayt a battle of brute furoe raging beyond the rocks and finally on the main in the high seas ending only with the ships captain dying.
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17 Feb 1922 Valentino’s Make-up Deceptive

Rudolph Valentino reputed to be one of the screen’s handsomest actors can look hard-boiled enough when the occasion demands. Valentino was in San Francisco playing the leading male role in exterior scenes of George Melford’s Paramount Picture “Moran of the Lady Letty” featuring Dorothy Dalton, showing at the Imperial Theater today and tomorrow. Starting for his room in one of the Bay Area’s most palatial hotel after a hard day’s work in his rough sailor attire, he was stopped by an elevator starter. “Here you” said the man, “do you stay at this hotel”? “Why yes,” smiled Valentino “why do you ask”? “You look like a smuggler” replied the starter. “Thank you for the compliment” returned the actor. “That’s just what I want to look like. My make-up must be very realistic”. It certainly is said the elevator man, who had discerned the grease paint on Valentino’s face, and recognized him.

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In 1864, Anaheim Landing was founded. Located in Orange County, California it was the first port and Los Angeles areas first beach. In 1921, it was here that famous Silent Film Star Rudolph Valentiono graced the wharves of Anaheim Landing for the shooting of his silent film “The Moran of the Lady Letty”…..

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