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20 May 1920 Case of R. Guglielmi How He Was Detained as a Witness Only and Soon Released

The New York Tribune sometime ago published an article given out by the District Attorney Office (DA Swann) telling of the arrest and detention of a Rudolfo Guglielmi self-styled Italian “Marquis” under an order of the Court of General Sessions, as a material witness against a policeman who had been indicted on charges of accepting bribes from keepers of questionable resorts in the Tenderloin. The article quoted then District Attorney Swann as saying that it was expected that Mr. Guglielmi would disclose information of importance in its investigation of vice and blackmail conditions.  Mr. Guglielmi was not taken into custody upon any criminal charge. The New York Tribune did not assert or intend to assert the contrary and it neither made nor intended to make any reflection upon him. He was detained only as an expected witness against others, and when it appeared that there was no charge and no evidence that he had committed any offense, he was speedily released from custody by order of the Supreme Court. Mr. Guglielmi, formerly a professional dancer has recently entered the motion picture field.

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6 Sep 1916 – Arrest of “Marquis” Guglielmi Expected to Produce Revelations.

New York white slave investigation with its stories of wrecks of young women held in virtual bondage, was pointing nearer today to probable entanglement of at least one police officer in alleged bribery and extortion through which the system has been kept alive, according to evidence in the hands of District Attorney Swann.  Spreading from the streets the white slave ring reached into the circles of “climbers” of near society folk, the latest revelations indicate. There, through blackmail, the plotters endeavored to collect tribute after women furnished by the ring, participated in orgies of the “new rich”. As District Attorney Swann pressed his investigation of revelations which are declared to have followed the arrest of Rodolfo Guglielmi, self-styled “Marquis” new developments that may lead to further arrests and possible charges against police were expected at the prosecutors office. Rudolfo Guglielmi was formerly the dancing partner of Joan Sawyer, Broadway dancer before her retirement. He was arrested at the apartment of Mrs Georgie Thym.

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