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11 Dec 1926 – Properties go to Auction

Old Bill McGuire of the range, who was groom for Rudolph Valentino’s horses for years, today stood before the empty stalls in the stable adjoining Falcon Lair in Beverly Hills, home of the late silent film star and mourned for his departed pets. In the first stall “Firefly” magnificent Arabian steed once pawed and whinnied. In those other stalls Yacqui, Haroun, and Ramadan all geldings once dwelt in horsely splendor so to speak. And today they were gone to new masters and new homes. Firefly that once carried the dashing Valentino across the desert sand in “The Son of the Sheik” was bought for $1225 by J. Moran. Cy Clegg horseman of Culver City bought the other three for $1000. Valentino had valued his horses at more than $5000. “Now that their gone I don’t know what to do”? said old Bill McGuire. “Guess I’ll go back to the range no use staying round here. There are too many memories”. Before the horses were placed on the auction block the Valentino home of sixteen rooms and eight acres of ground was sold for $145,000 to Jules Howard, NYC Jeweler, who sent his offer by telegraph from the east. Seven acres of hill-top property and Valentino’s three cars were also sold. “Shaitain and “Sheila” a pair of Italian Mastiff’s brought from Italy and raised by the late star went for $58. And $60. Two western bridles and martingale went for $64. The first pretentious home Valentino built is Hollywood after rise to fame and fortune will be sold at auction this afternoon.

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