13 Jul 1922 – Rudolph Valentino Commentary, Syndey AU

I hate the Sheik, I think he’s a ‘he-vamp.’ and I hate the way he rolls his eyes, l know Sydney girls have got Rudolphitis and I know that my young wife sees the Sheik in everything – the grilling steak holds his image the wringer holds his spirit. But I hate him. I hate a man who rolls his eyes snd behaves like a Spanish senorita. I cannot understand the army of girls who have fallen to his cheap charms. Girls who see romance in the Sheik would see romance in the butchers boy. They represent decadent flapperitis in its most advanced stage. Give me a man like ‘B.J’ Hart, who represents manhood in its greatest sense. Why is It that the fair, frail flappers of Sydney have gone on about a man who rolls bis eyes and makes prisoner of a poor, pure pretty girl alone and defenceless. Do they approve of his lax morality? Is it an indication of degeneration! Do the girls of todays countenance a man who defies decency to compromise an Innocent woman?

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