1952 – Valentino Speaks Foreword in Return of Rudolph Valentino

A lot of books were written about Rudolph Valentino of course there are a few that are considered “out there”. One of them is called Return of Rudolph Valentino written by Carol McKinstry. I am currently reading the book so the foreward was abit fascinating to me so I thought I would include some verbiage:

Some of you already know that I possessed psychic literary ability, executed for your approval, thought and entertainment in the book of poems titled “Day Dreams” bearing my name as author and published by Macfadden Publishers in the year 1923. Hence that I should take up my pen again from this side of eternity should not surprise you. Soon after the beginning of my career in pictures I became intrigued with the desire to write a scenario for the screen an original script with a vivid, colorful desert background and reincarnation the theme of the story. But something always came up to interfere with my plans for so doing. I know now why I was thwarted and conjectured the plot now I wrote with absolute knowledge whereof I speak. And so I died in the flesh to complete from Spirit a far more finished production of my erstwhile hearts desire. Others may philosophize in dry and tedious argument to win a point in truth; I too, may resort to such, in part, where there is need to clarify a statement. But my main object is to show you thorough dramatization the knowledge I have gleamed as to how the law of the universe acts in shaping a path for our continual progression and evolution throughout eternity. Pray for me; enshrine me in your memory, but do not hold me in a bondage of sensual delusions that engulf me in shadows of distasteful memories and create a formidable barrier to the freedom and progress of my soul..

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