15 Dec 1923- ‘Pretty Girl’ Prize Winner Not Wise Yet

Norma Niblock, the Toronto girl who won the Mineralava-Valentino Beauty Contest in New York, has made an amazingly bad break. Although she’s Sweet Sixteen, Norma broadcasts the information that she won without using rouge or powder! Is Miss Nlblock trying to “crab” future “Pretty Girl” exhibitions, or what? Doesn’t she know that in these advanced days, Beauty is only skin deep? Sixteen! And not aware that a “Beauty Show” is merely a test of the relative merits of certain cosmetics, for which the faces of the young ladles provide pleasing backgrounds! Tho New York judges certainly slipped up badly on the job when they crowned the Toronto queen. Instead of awarding the palm to some snappy soubrette who knows all about lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, cold creams, clay packs, lotions, eyelash tweezers, nose powder, beauty patches, hair gloss, massage pastes, electric vibrators and tooth shine. The manufacturers of these commodities are always willing even eager to pay fabulous prices for testimonials from Beauty Queens. Here is opportunity knocking at Miss Niblock’s door and here Is Miss Niblock “knocking” opportunity by saying she doesn’t rouge or powder! ! ! Next thing we know Norma will stand right up in meeting ‘ and declare she has no intention of going into the movies. But fortunately, there is still hope. The public has a short memory. Nobody will remember Miss Niblock’s “No – powder, no rouge” error of judgment after a few days. Such being tbe case, her face may be her fortune. Watch for it in magazine advertisements, telling the world how Norma put it all over the other flappers by using BOOULE’S BLOOM OF BEAUTY three times a day on sale at all drug stores.

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