Dec 1923 – Madison Square Garden Beauty Show Contest Gives Crown to Canada

The Mineralava-Valentino beauty contest, which was a year in preparation, was finally staged last Wednesday night, at the Madison Square Garden with 88 beauties contesting for the honor of the sheik crowning her the chief beauty which carried with it a film contract and other material benefits. After passing the buck to the 100 Judges, Valentino placed though small crown on Norma Niblocks raven tresses, which signified to all who were interested that this Toronto gal took first honors. Eugenia Gilbert of Los Angeles, the popular favorite, only succeeded in placing second , and the following beauties took third, fourth and fifth respectively : Reba Owen of New York, Mildred Adam of Baltimore, and Gloria Heller of Wichita . The latter is in Kansas for anybodies specific information. At any rate, the town owes Miss Heller something for placing it on the map. The newspapermen generally leaned toward the Baltimore gal and a beauty from Butte, Montana, Marlon Fogerty was deemed likely by others. Withal, the selected winner was by no means a popular choice, although the lass were distinguishing for her unassuming naiveté in posing and parading around the rostrum ln a natural and easy manner. An inside explanation of the Toronto choice has lt that Canada is still virgin territory for the Mineralava beauty clay product. The choice of a native daughter is believed to be a good selling angle, but it is only a report. Five girls, of which Miss Nlblock is not one, have been signed for a Broadway production, although the Toronto beauty may have foregone any stage alliances -through the picture contract she inherited with the first prize capture. The second choice, Miss Gilbert, Clipper mans favorite, a dazzling beauty to considerable personality and charm that fairly radiated to every corner to the Garden. Not Slow Business As an amusement venture, Mineralava, should have stuck to the beauty clay. The Broadway managers may not allege to give one so much show but they start at 8:30 when advertised. Mineralava stressed the eight o’clock opening even on the admission tickets but didn’t start things until 70 minutes thereafter. It was an ordeal up to midnight. The show was unduly padded with the march of the beauty in ensemble and also divided into six groups with two semi-final parading and finally the winning selections. Paul Whiteman’s orchestra, a misleading announcement , since it was only a 41-piece Whiteman unit, tried to plug the waits interestingly but their lack of sufficient volume through absence of the necessary brass did not make them particularly fetching.  Reinald Werrenrath, a concert baritone, managed fairly well but he clicks better in less spacious quarters. Petroushka and Ensemble, a 14-people mixed Russian act, was a colorful interlude of no particular merit. Their stuff has been done much better in small time vaudeville. The act features harmony singing, later doing song and dance specialties, one gal shimmying for her contribution. In between the acts, Mr. Graham, the announcer, read a statement for H. Z. Pokress, the Mineralava president, that E. F. Albee would engage the 16 winners for the new Keith Hippodrome opening Dec. 17.  A number of sidelights on the contest were much more interesting than the show itself.  Several groups took the Thanksgiving Eve occasion to celebrate liquidly. It was a question what one Indulgent Was cheering when he exclaimed Hooray for though Scotch as one of the beauty in a Scotch paid get-up made her appearance. Others insisted that the loving cups be filled up. These were the consolation prizes to the runners-up, though sizes being graduated down from second to fifth place.  At any rate, Mineralava spent much money advertising its product and the five-eighths of the Garden s capacity attendance couldn’t mistake that a certain beauty clay one product was somewhere importantly mixed up in the entire affair.


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