1924 – HOW I WON THE Mineralava-Valentino Beauty Contest

We asked Miss Norma Niblock what was the secret of her recent success. Here is her reply:
“Last winter after I was chosen winner at the Arena, I started using Mineralava and I found that after a few applications it kept my skin so clear and full of natural colour that I did not have to use cosmetics and they say that was largely why I won. I use Mineralava regularly now of course I find it keeps the pores wonderfully healthy and clean and makes my skin softer and more radiant than it has ever been before”.

The above glowing tribute adds still another name to the many beautiful women who owe so much to Mineralava. Mineralava in a bottle containing eighteen treatments for $2.00, a trial tube for 50 cents and the Mineralava Face Finish is $ 1.50 a bottle, for sale at all Drug and Department Stores with cur positive money-back guarantee,

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