3 Jan 1928 – Rudolph Valentino Was he Poisoned?

Was Rudolph Valentino poisoned by a jealous woman whose advances he rejected? According to messages from the “Seccolo,” of Milan, private detectives in New York are working on a clue which may lead to a solution of the numerous rumors surrounding the death of the famous film star. According to one report, a detective and his wife were the witnesses in a Broadway night club of an incident which, it is alleged may afford an explanation of Valentino’s illness and death. Valentino, it is stated, was approached by a woman who was apparently in love with him. Valentino turned his back on her and entered into conversation with another woman. With anger the spurned woman is said to have made a sign to two men. A lady detective says she overheard one of them say, “The Indian method is infallible. One can mix diamond dust with a drink, and it will cause death by internal perforation. Doctors will say death was due to an incurable malady or attributed to appendicitis.

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One thought on “3 Jan 1928 – Rudolph Valentino Was he Poisoned?

  1. its ironic that Houdini died the same year in the October ,also of peritonitis ! its believed he was poisoned also ,,Houdini was fighting spiritualist and frauds at the time and Valentino and his wife were into Spiritualism ! the Idian method ,crushed Diamond dust ,Hmmmmm ,deffo foul play going on ,he was 35-5 ,Houdini 52 ,both young enough and fit enough to fight off most things ,

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