Aug 2016 – How the Death of Rudolph Valentino Affected Me


I started this blog because of a mutual admiration for a silent film star who lived a brief life long before I was born. Rudolph Valentino he was a dancer, an actor, a producer who I am fascinated by.  One evening, 15 years ago, I watched one of his movies “The Sheik” on TCM and I absolutely felt mesmerized about him and by him I never felt that way about an actor before. There was something about him I couldn’t figure out what it was or why but all I know is that I became a fan. Through my journey of discovery has led me to know a bit more now than I knew then. I have met some wonderful people who have passed on their knowledge about him which I am forever grateful.

In Aug 2012, which is the anniversary month of his death. I decided to watch the newsreels of his funeral service. I seen the people crying and frantically wanting to take that last look of his body before being moved to its final resting place at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA but I didn’t “understand” why?  On 23 Aug 2012, was when I seen my first Valentino Memorial Service on YouTube. A moving tribute to a man  who still shines in the hearts and memories of his extremely large fan base.  Finally, I when the service was over with it all clicked and I “understood” why in 1926, and every year thereafter, everyone was crying and felt as though their hearts were broken by the death of a man who they never personally knew but felt they did.  You see his death affected me on a personal level because I felt as though I lost someone dear to me to although I never personally knew or met him. In Aug 2014, I made it my mission to visit Los Angeles and my first stop was to visit Hollywood Forever and to visit his grave.. Although I have never been to Hollywood Forever I seem to know exactly where his final resting place was located. I was lucky there was no one around which gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to spend time in silent contemplation and I talked to him. I told him how much he meant to me and that I met some wonderful people because of him. That I wish the world knew more of his talent, that I was sorry that he did not have the love life or the children that he wanted that people loved him today and that he was appreciated for the talent that he had and was. During my brief stay I made a point of going everyday to visit him and my last day in L.A. I told him I would be back and I kept my promise and came back in 2015 and I will in a few weeks time to see him again keeping my word to pay my respects to Rudolph Valentino who has like other fans before me and fans after me a piece of my heart.

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One thought on “Aug 2016 – How the Death of Rudolph Valentino Affected Me

  1. Mike

    Well written article that shows the depth of feeling for Rudy and how his passing still affects people today that still appreciate that silent film is an art form all its own.

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