25 Aug 1926 – Spent Money as fast as he could make it


Rudolph Valentino earned approximately $2,000,000 during his brief film career, he was usually without money. Joseph Schenck, executive director of United Artists Corporation for which Valentino made pictures said today. The potential earning power of the man who thrilled the romantic imagination of screen fans was easily a million dollars a year. Mr. Schenck asserted, but his net estate, so far is known, does not exceed $75,000. Valentino was just beginning to realize large earnings in the last two years Mr. Schenck said, “I should say that in the last year and a quarter he made between $900,000 and a million dollars in pictures. He made perhaps two million dollars during his entire screen career. “Rudy made no investments. He lived well, spending freely, and was exceedingly generous with his friends”. I know he never had any money, regardless of his earnings. He didn’t know its value. Valentino had taken out a personal insurance policy for $50,000, Mr. Schenck said, with is brother and sister as beneficiaries. United Artists Corporation had insured him for $200,000 Valentino had made a will, which is now in Hollywood, according to George Ullman, the late actor’s manager.


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