30 Sep 1953 – Easterner Named Rudolph Valentino Has His Troubles

Nobody will believe a handsome restaurant worker here when he tells them his name is Rudolph Valentino. “They think I’m kidding” he explained with an engaging smile. Actually, there is no relation between Rochester’s Rudolph and the movie’s idolized lover of yesteryear with the same name. But enough years have passed to dim memories of the great Valentino’s appearance so there is quite a fuss whenever anyone discovers Rochester Rudolph’s full name. “The second time someone meets me, the wisecracks start” the local man points out. “Its come to a point where I don’t tell anyone my last name if I can help it”. When he was younger he felt his name gave him a psychological edger with the opposite sex. “It certainly never scared any girls away” he said. At the restaurant where Rudolph works, many bets have been made over whether or not his name is “real”. The losers generally want to know how well a lover Rochester Rudy is. When he tried to enlist in the Marine Corps, the recruiting officer tore up his first application thought he was being a wise guy. When Rudolph attended a school of dramatics, the first thing he was told to do was change his name. Rudolph got his name after a three-week argument between his mother and father following his birth in Radicena, Italy, thirty-five years ago. Dad finally won out.

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