29 Nov 1925 – Rudy sees Paris

Rudolph Valentino celebrated his first night in Paris with a big Montmartre party, which wound up in Mitchells colored entertainment club in the Rue Blanche at 5:30 this morning when the tired movie start was unable to dance anymore.  With two friends, he bade good-bye to the beautiful women, climbed into a limousine, and drove home leaving the other men to escort the ladies to their hotels. Clad in full dress with tails, white waistcoat and white tie Valentino and his party created a furore wherever they appeared.  After the theatre he went to the new popular dancing place Florida next door to the Perroquet where the South American clientele greeted him with an ovation.  Rudolph danced a couple of one-steps with Mrs Jean Nash known as the best dressed and most extravagant women in Europe, but declined to attempt the Charleston and tango. After several bottles of champagne the party adjourned to Mitchells for more wine and breakfast, the movie star polishing off the night with pancakes, bacon and eggs.  A beautiful blonde Viennese actress formerly of high rank in Austrian society joined the party at Mitchells and Valentino danced twice with her.

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