27 Jun 43 Who Really Wrote Day Dreams Book of Poetry

Mention of a book of verse called “Day Dreams” bearing the name of Rudolph
Valentino bearing the name of Rudolph Valentino, movie actor as author brought a footnote from Phillip Richard Davis who has also written a book or two of verse. He says: Some collectors seek this rare item because the verses attributed to Valentino were really written by Gordon Seagrove, former Chicago Tribune Reporter.  “Day Dreams{ was a press agents idea to augment the build-up of Valentino into a national heart throb. Also it was at that time he was having problems with the movie studios so this was extra money. Seagrove did the writing in a few days. Ask Vincent Starrett about Seagrove as Valentino’s ghost writer. He ought to remember; he was also approached for the job.  Seagrove was a first class minor poet in a gusty and humorous way. He was a frequent contributor to the Tribune Line typo column in the 1920’s.  In book form, however, his writings are only available in Valentino’s “Day Dreams” and in link book back numbers.
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