15 Feb 1931 – Séance Audience Hears Spirit of Rudolph Valentino

The spirit of Rudolph Valentino returned to earth a few days ago during a séance in a New York office building and announced to a gaping audience that he died not die a natural death, the United Press has been informed.  Valentino said, however, that he wasn’t going to tell on anybody that he didn’t want to cause any suffering. The séance was arranged by Major R.T.M. Scott, Chairman of the American Society of Psychical Research. George Wehner described by Major Scott as a reliable medium served as the personal medium for Ruth Roland, former film star and friend of Valentino was one of the guests.  Major Scott took an attractive stenographer with him to the séance although he admits she caused him considerable worry. He was afraid the girl would become nervous upon hearing the dead actor’s voice.  But it turned out that she wasn’t afraid at all. Twelve questions were put to Valentino and he answered all of them. He was asked “How did you die” “Was there any justification in the rumors of shooting or poisoning”? The spirit of Valentino answered “That is very difficult for me to answer while speaking through the medium, “because it involves many people. I will say that I did not die a natural death. I am not going to divulge any names, I have no desire for revenge, contrary to the opinion of most people have about Italians. I do not wish to have any suffering come to them more than will come to them through natural causes. We cannot do wrong without suffering the consequences.  I think I would relieve them if I could”. He was asked if he saw Lon Chaney around anywhere and if any other from people were with him. The spirit answered “he is hobnobbing with Barbara LaMarr and Olive Thomas, I have seen Milton Sills, I have seen my dear June Mathis and her mother Jennie. Valentino said, according to Major Scott that he goes back to Falcon Lair in Hollywood occasionally but not to “haunt it”. He returns to walk around the place and live again the old days in memory.  He asked for his opinion for film stars. He answered he does not think anyone has reached Charlie Chaplin’s place in comedy, Gloria Swanson is a great artist and Greta Garbo’s voice is wonderful for expressing emotion. The spirit remarked that if he were alive today, he would go into the talkies. “I had a good voice”, he said or “so people said” Valentino, according to Major Scott said that he is not settled in this present sphere, but he doesn’t know whether he is going to be moved around or not.  He believes, however, he will eventually progress to “higher planes”.

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