27 Jun 23 – Attach Valentino’s Money

An attachment against the property of Rodolph Valentino was ordered last week in the Supreme Court in a suit brought by his former attorney, Arthur B. Graham, for a balance of  $48,295 alleged to be due for services and disbursements. The attachment was granted on the ground that Valentino is a resident of Hollywood.  In his affidavit, Mr. Graham alleges that he conducted all of the actors litigation with the Famous-Players Lasky Corporation, excepting the writing of the brief on the appeal to the Appellate Division; that he represented Valentino in supplementary proceedings brought by his creditors; went to other cities, talked to newspaper men and thus prevented adverse criticism.  Mr. Graham values his services at $ 65,000 and says that he has received but $ 20,000. A copy of the attachment was delivered to the uptown branch of the National City Bank where Valentino is said to have a good sized deposit, a copy was also served on The Mineralava Company, which is said to be interested in Valentinos present dancing tour.  Other law suits in which Valentino is involved includes an action started last week by he and his wife, Winfred Hudnut through their attorney, Max Stauer, who applied for an attachment against Scotts Preparations, Inc., claiming $ 7,000 for the termination of a series of beauty contests and dancing exhibitions in which they and one of the Scott products were featured. This tour terminated in Chicago two weeks ago , after the president of the company, asked the director of the tour about reports of a $ 2,500 guarantee for each nightly dancing exhibition given by the Valentinos. They were engaged for seven weeks, they explained, in asking for the attachment, at a salary of $ 6,000 a week and $ 7,000 at the end of the tour.  The $ 7,000 is the reason for the application for the attachment. The Valentinos had hardly applied for this attachment when Arthur Butler Graham, of 25 West Forty-fifth street, had served a writ of attachment on Pokres for one weeks salary of the Valentinos.  Mr. Graham, who represented Mr Valentino last year in the litigation with Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, I started an action to recover $ 40, 000 from Valentino, which he claims for expenses in that case

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