22 Aug 1983 – Harmony Treasure Stolen

Tommorrow is the 57th anniversary of film idol Rudolph Valentino’s death a doubly sad day for the town of Harmony, population 28 located hear San Simeon.  For years, an unusual monument to Valentino there was accompanied by a sign that read “In the early 1900’s and in the company of W.R. Hearst and Pola Negri, Rudolph Valentino had a call of nature”.  Guilda Williams, who lived here, was kind enough to let him use her bathroom.  When the little house was remodeled, the potty was converted into an outdoor planter that disappeared earlier this year.  “We heard it had been found by police in Clovis” said Jim Lawrence, who owns the town.  But when I called the ID didn’t seem to match up.

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