17 Aug 1927 – Hysteria and Home Truths — An Interesting Comparison— Of Extreme English and American Opinion

England Opinion: In a golden casket one London woman is preserving as her greatest treasure – a shirt of the late Rudolph Valentino. Other erratic female specimens have erected shrines in their boudoirs, others again grow flowers under his portrait. There is no limit to their sentimental extravagance. It is therefore of interest to read two opinions, one English and one American, on the all important topic of Rudy. At Shepherd’s Bush Pavilion, London, the last week of July, many British women thronged to the Pavilion as a tribute to the memory of their departed idol. Many of them carried banners. The demonstration was arranged by the Valentino Memorial Guild and the service was subsidized by the International Memorial Fund, a fund that in the first feminine frenzy after the ex-waiters death was collected among susceptible women from all different parts of Britain. Pictures of the star’s home life at Hollywood were screened and wept over, extracts from his poems were read, and a bronze plaque was erected to his memory. And for several hours hundreds of infatuated women wept and slobbered and lamented. As time goes on, the Guild will, unless it decides to squander the money in some other way, reissue the Valentino films and a children’s hospital which will be in memory of Rudy.
American Opinion: Rudolph Valentino,’ said an American Writer just before the stat’s death, ‘is one of those half breed Italians, of whom both halves are bad. He came to a stony-broke waiter. For a time the. Heavens were just and he stayed a waiter. ‘Then he tried dancing. All his brains were in his feet and his pockets soon began to fill. ‘Full pockets meant high spots for Valentino, booze and women, both pretty bad, and thus excellent company for an imported an entity whom no One but the jail governors should have keen glad to welcome. ‘In a weak moment someone let him in the movies some giggling flapper saw Mm and decided this greasy, ill-washed continental butt was thrilling. She told her friends and convinced them to think so too. ‘When they tried him in a Sheik stuff the flapper thrilled again. ‘In no tithe TBIS WOP WAITER became better known than the president. With the morals of a sewer rat and the scarred face of a Cairo boatman Valentino vamped himself a place in the best movie society and began to love and leave th6 women & bit higher up the social ladder. ‘American women who shudder at the scum that slinks off the immigrant ships into Ellis Island gaped in thrilled awe at the dago’s » bear-hugging and thought the greatest joy in life would be to have their spinal cord crack in elegant embraces that wouldn’t, be permitted in a rough-run ?wrest- ling joint. ‘Generally the men of Hollywood bated him. His debts of which were never paid because he had a lot of debts and no honor this text Men hated him because a half-baked satyr is never popular. He was a poor sport, a miserable mugger of detent women and he should never have been allowed to wander into any civilized country.
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