Aug 1928 – Only One Valentino

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my regret that so many people over use and abuse the name of the late Silent Film Star Rudolph Valentino.  If a person happens to have his hair exceedingly well-combed he is called a Valentino. If they can register certain expressions with their eyes awkward and ungainly though they maybe hailed as a Valentino. If an individual who looks more like an ogre than a human being happens to be in sight, for the sale of a laugh and of being called funny someone who thinks himself witty dubs him a Valentino. In my opinion, this is so wrong on many levels because since our gallant Rudolph is now dead, his memory should be held in respect and his name instead of being used foolishly and nonsensically, should be respected and revered.

G.B.Z. Manilla Phillipines

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