Aug 1928 – Filling Their Shoes

While Rudolph Valentino lived he had some business differences with the producers which resulted in temporary banishment from the silver screen.  this you recall, was the time he toured the country, on a dance contest with ex-wife Natasha Rambova and sponsored by Mineralava. Latin lovers had been made the last word in romance through the Valentio vogue.What then, could be more simple thant to dig up a similar type and through the power of publicity create his successor. That’s how they figured it and that is how Ramon Navarro made his debut.  Of course, Ramon carved a little kingdom of his own which still endures. But he never took Rudy’s place and nor did anyone else.  Wisely enough, the producers have quit and attempt to fill it. With Valentino the passion of the fans burned so brightly that his passing was the direct cause of an entirely different sort of hero being evolved. With increasingly few exceptions, the day of the languishing lothario has passed. Perhaps Pola Negri’s flame burned brighest about the time Rudy’s star was in the ascendent. Now it seems Pola is through.

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