5 Sep 1937 – 11th Anniversary of the Death of Rudolph Valentino

Last week’s pilgrimage by 1000 devoted fans to the crypt of the late Rudolph Valentino, on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of this death, will indicate how firmly intrenched a great actor can become in the hearts of his admirers. He is still fondly remembered by thousands, not merely residents of Hollywood but by great numbers in far-flung parts of the world. Each year, when the day of the star’s death comes, hundreds visit his resting place in a lovely corner of the Cathedral mausoleum at Hollywood Cemetery. This year’s group of worshippers was the largest. Fans remembered that Valentino’s favorite flower was the red rose, and the offerings which banked his crypt on his death anniversary were predominantly of this bloom. Worshipers who never forget, year after year, include his first wife Jean Acker; his brother, Alberto Valentino, Mrs. Emma Leutgeb and Mrs. Fanny Lichtenfeld. Mrs. Leutgeb living in Salzburg, Austria and Mrs. Lichtenfeld living in Richmond, Virginia annual send the cemetery money for bouquets of red roses. Faithful memorial groups which also sent flowers were the British Valentino Memorial Guild and the Chicago Valentino Memorial Club.

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