1924 – Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

Isn’t there something you can personally do to rid us of the Valentino imitators? They are becoming awful here to say the least. In the first place the very fact they are willing to be groomed to take his place proves them incompetent; if they have any ingenuity at all they would create a vogue of their own and not try to shine by his reflected glory. they remind us of what Fabre refers to in his “bugology” as procressaries because of their habit of following one another. No single one of his imitatiors has sufficient initiative to branch out and create a demand for himself.  To begin with, few are so capable as Rudolph Valentino and from general observation and consensus I should say that he can handle more work turn out better work and earn larger dividends on the capital invested then any other star in his profession. Therefore, it would seem that he is worth conceding a few favors to. Don’t lets lose the greatest artist we have on the screen today just because of a broken contract with Lasky Studios. Some laws are stupid and mean’t to be broken. Why not break this one for the good of the public or at least for the amusement of the public? Famous Players-Lasky corporation is incapable of treating him fairly, why don’t they release him and let some other movie film company sign him up? Anything so that we may have our brilliant and lovable Julio and our handsome and gallant Gallardo back again. Hoping you will interest yourself in our behalf.

Very Truly,

August Temple, Bay City, MI

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